Hygienic Indian Food by Indian Chefs

We provide end-to-end details from visa formalities till you complete your education and become a full-fledged Doctor. We are the only exclusive partner for Southwestern University from India because of which we have our own hostel where Indian food is cooked by Indian chefs.
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Free Education for University Toppers

We provide a special opportunity for students if they turn out to be University Toppers. We give you the chance to study MBBS free of cost but only if you are a university topper. So, study hard and save money by becoming the University topper.

Cargo Services Every Month

We do not provide you transportation once or twice but we have special cargo facilities so you can send or receive everything you want from India to the Philippines and vice-versa. This cargo flies once every month to accommodate everything you want to.

Coaching for NMAT, MCI and USMLE

Coaching for NMAT, USMLE and MCI are also provided while you are studying MBBS in the Philippines so you can clear these exams at once and move on with your life as a doctor. We also provide free study materials so you do not have to waste time searching for books to study.

study MBBS in philippines

AC Rooms and Free Internet in Hostel

When staying in the hostel, you do not have to worry about rooms as all the rooms have Air Conditioners and free internet is also provided. The hostels are in university campus with Indian food cooked by Indian Chefs. We also conduct vacation tours during the summer holidays.

Separate Hostels for Boys & Girls

Another addition to our hostel is that we have separate hostels for boys & girls. So, you do not have to worry about the safety of your chils in any way. Students are highly secure under wisdom overseas with 24*7 weapon security and centralized CC Camera Surveillance.