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The Medical Oath in India is sworn in the name of all humanity and ends with “I will be honest with my patients in all medical matters.” We hope to do the same. We hope to be honest with you, the doctor of tomorrow, as we position you and groom you to become one of humanity’s saviors. If you are reading this, know that you have taken the first step towards a better future by visiting our website. From here on at each step we, Wisdom Overseas will be walking with you, providing you the launchpad to grow, the space to upskill, and peace of mind to keep learning.

Study MBBS in SouthWestern University PHINMA

By collaborating with SouthWestern University Phinma one of the finest medical colleges in the Philippines, our mission was to educate Indians to accomplish for our country and the world what our ancestors had done for our country with traditional medicine thousands of years ago—cure disease and alleviate suffering. With the growth of modern medicine in the late 19th Century and becoming the behemoth it is today, allopathy is what most of us opt for, what doctors believe in, and what we swear by as well to battle and destroy the diseases and threats we face today.

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The quest by Wisdom Overseas for a holistic solution for learning modern medicine led us to PHINMA, a college established in 1946, in Cebu City in the Philippines. The obvious question is why, when we have medical colleges in India? First, there aren’t many as many as reputed as this, second, the competition is too high, and third, and most important, when you live within your own country and do not travel, you do not really have a world-view.

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