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About Wisdom Overseas

We have gone the extra mile as well, to make sure we are a winning choice for you. We offer an on-campus counselling office that will answer any questions and address any concerns that any of our many students have. We do this because we understand it would take them time as Indians, to get acquainted to their new living spaces in Cebu City. It could be issues with the language, the food, the lodgings, or even matters at college. We are always listening to you, making life better for you. Today Wisdom Overseas is one of the “Top medical career growth specialists” in India.

And last but not the least, for Telugu-speaking people, we also offer Telugu cuisine that is the icing on the cake! Healthy and Healthy food for the healthy doctors of tomorrow. Not to mention, the lodgings are maintained by very friendly wardens and separate lodgings are provided for boys and girls. If you wish to learn more about us, get in touch with us by using the Contact Us form. We are waiting to here from you, and to understand how you, as a doctor, can contribute to making the world a better place. Let us help you make the right choice.


Wisdom Overseas is proud to be associated with PHINMA, an institution having years of practical experience grooming the doctors of tomorrow, and trust us when we say they know how to mold you into the best of what you can become. From state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment to faculty trained in everything from the soft know-hows to the hard concepts of modern medicine, there is never a reason for you to worry. And for those who have lived the urban life, Cebu City is much like our Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Mumbai. The people are very hospitable and kind and welcoming with a help ever, never say never attitude.