“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave but not our hearts.” That is what Oliver Wendell Holmes had to say about is home, and this is very true for most of us. How else would you define home? Especially, when home away from home also becomes a home, just like the accommodations that Wisdom Overseas provides on the South Western University – PHINMA Campus of Cebu City.

Also, in most places around the world, boys and girls stay in the same hostel. But we realized that this would be a problem for some, and we took their concern to heart. Because boys and girls are accustomed to staying in hostels separately at home in India, we realized that separate hostels for boys and girls would be a good thing. But what good is a home without a gate? So, we decided that our students staying in these hostels should also be provided 24×7 security, and we made it happen.

Feel at home when you talk about mandirs, masjids, gurudwaras, parathas, papads, paan, and jalebis, and the old and iconic autorickshaws of our country. Feel yourself heard across the corridors of our hostels. Because, for that “true home” feeling, we made our hostels exclusive for Indian students only, so you can make friends from home, away from home. Let’s have some chai and chaat to that!