Additional study hours

Not everyone’s on the same page all the time. But if you wish to learn, you need to ask the right questions. But if you do not learn at all, how do you ask the right questions? This is quite a conundrum. Wisdom Overseas realized that some of the students may be finding it difficult to cope with the theoretical or practical aspects of studying a course as nuanced and overbearing as MBBS can be. So, we decided to provide additional study hours supporting the classes provided at the university.

In these study hours, the students can be brought up to speed in whatever subject they need guidance in. Our tutors are willing to listen, comprehend, and solve any problem that you may face in any of our classes at college. There may be a few concepts that are not very easily explained either. Our tutors will make use of simple illustrations to break these concepts down, so that they are easier to digest for your brain.