Admission Process

The first step involves selecting the university that you want to study in. We have already explained how we would help you do that. But that is just the beginning. Every university has a unique admission process and the requirements differ from one to the next. We are up-to-date with these requirements, especially for the top universities, as we follow the admission process closely year on year.

Once you share with us the necessary documents for admission, rest assured we will help you get that invitation letter. The next step is to pay the university enrollment charge. Should you need any financial support to do so, we are again willing to recommend banks offering loan services that should be easy for you to repay in smaller installments.
The next step is of course to secure a visa, so that you can study, and maybe in the future live and work in the country of your choice. We are familiar with agents who offer visa services, and can recommend them so it would be easier for you to get a visa. Alternatively, you could also contact the embassy of the country in which the university is located for a visa. Once you get a visa, you would need to deposit the admission fee as per institute or college norms.

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