Indian Food

When it comes to food, your stomach must agree with you. In Telugu, there is a popular saying “Intlo food tinnatu gane anipistundi”. This is about the feeling you get when you eat home-cooked food. But that feeling of “your stomach agreeing with your heart” need not leave you when you leave home. It could be with you wherever you are, if you get the food that tastes just like your mother would make it—a nice plate of home-cooked food.

To make this happen (a nice plate of home-cooked person for each person), we took with us from India, a group of chefs who have mastered Indian cooking over the years. But we did not stop there. We also brought to the coast of Philippines, a country where they may not be available, the spices that lend that true “masaledaar” flavor to our Indian cuisine.

When they realize the extent to which we have gone to fulfil their culinary needs, we are sure that over the course of the five years, our students will come to appreciate and thank us for our efforts. After all, nothing affects education than falling ill in a strange new place, eating strange new food. That is why we decided to include this service in our portfolio, because we really care for our students.