Passport and Visa Assistance

Passport and visa assistance for students becomes mandatory when students are traveling outside of India for education. Though many of them would already have a passport, almost all of them would not have a valid visa. Wisdom Overseas will help our future doctors get to where they want and continue their studies interruption-free by arranging for suitable visas.

So how does this process of securing a passport and a visa actually work. Leave all the hard work to us. Let’s keep it simple for you. To get our students their passports quickly and in an authorized manner, Wisdom Overseas will coordinate with registered agents in India. For the student visas, Wisdom Overseas will liaison with the Indian Embassy in the Philippines to ensure that the students can continue to stay in Cebu City pursuing their study goals.

Again, though many of our students would want to return to India or elsewhere to help improve the medical services there, some of them may want to stay on in the Philippines as doctors—to return their hospitality and friendliness. When the five-year period of your education at Southwestern University in the Philippines ends, the students can always extend their visa for a bit longer, and get a work visa when they start working as doctors.