Security for girls

In India, parents refuse to let their girl child travel abroad. But studying for MBBS can be a life-changing decision, and for the better, not just for the girls themselves, but for their families as well. After all, who does not want to gloat, “Hey, my daughter is an expert doctor”. But the fact remains, that it is difficult for girls to travel by themselves out of country to faraway places.

We, at Wisdom Overseas, understand that the parents of girls would be especially precarious when sending their children abroad. After all, are they not their darling children, the ones most dear to them? So, we decided to send a woman team, capable of taking care of themselves and those under their protection, along with the girls. This means that their every need would be addressed not just during the journey but on campus as well, and that they would be provided ample security, so that they can concentrate on what’s important—their studies.

After the five years of her education are complete, we are sure your daughter would be thankful to those who were there with her, keeping her safe and secure. And this service would be provided to girls free of any additional cost as well, as it is included in the package.

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