Getting to the “Land of the Free” is a dream alike for many of us who are in “the pursuit of happiness”. We, Wisdom Overseas understand that a lot of our students following their education would like to practice medicine in the United States. But USMLE, which is the medical entrance examination which one has to take to practice as a doctor in the United States can be difficult for the untrained.
Realizing that this was a core need for many of our students, we decided to work with our training partners here in India and abroad and came up with a battery of tests that would help instill confidence in anyone aspiring to practice medicine in the United States that they can crack the test and get through.

This does not mean that the education provided by Southwestern University is not enough. What you learn in the MBBS course at PHINMA should help you get to ¾ of the pitch. Our guidance and training for USMLE will help you complete that winning run. This is because cracking the USMLE is not just about good education and good English, it is also about the right kind of thinking. It is this kind of thinking that we will help enable, and of course brushing up on the fundamentals you learnt at Southwestern University-PHINMA.

But what about accommodation for students securing a rank in USMLE? Isn’t that a problem given the high rents that one may have to pay in the USA? You must be thinking—Does Wisdom Overseas also arrange for accommodations, given that we provide a 365-degree support system to every student who comes to us? The answer to this question is an emphatic, “yes, we do”. No matter what kind of accommodation you are looking for after USMLE in the United States, we have got you covered. You can post u your requirements and we will share choices that should be right up your alley.
We do not stop with just the US, however. Our admission counselors are familiar with UK guidelines as well, for students who would like to study and work in the UK. According to, “The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test, known as the PLAB test, helps us to make sure doctors who qualified abroad have the right knowledge and skills to practise medicine in the UK.” We are very familiar with training methods used in the UK, and in guiding students to ace the PLAB, we will use these training methods.

Some of you reading this may also be in the final year of MBBS here in India and wondering what to do about the NEXT exam that you must take in the final year of your MBBS course to prove you are worthy enough to practice in India. We will help you with preparing and getting through this possibly mammoth task as well.